Use 3rd Party API Data on the Front End With Ease

Access, combine, transform, automate and use API data on the front-end
without worrying about back-end code, security, infrastructure or monitoring

7 day free trial. No credit card required.

Working with APIs just got MUCH easier

Mashed helps take the strain off back-end engineers and empower front-end developers and product managers


Add API connections, multiple if you need

Simply enter the 3rd party API details and credentials you want to use. Enter multiple data sources if required.


Drag & drop to merge & arrange data

Mashed pulls in the data and stores it securely for you. Simply use our drag & drop interface to arrange the data and merge data from various sources.


JSON output securely hosted for you

Output the data, in your desired arrangement, as JSON. Remember Mashed can either host the data for you or you can export it for use on your own server or AWS S3 bucket.

Mashed is for front-end developers and product managers

Input data from APIs or local JSON, XML or CSV formats, merge it, arrange it, and output as JSON

API Monitoring

You, and your IT department, no longer have to worry about monitoring APIs. If something goes wrong we'll alert you.


Your data is secure as are your API keys and tokens. No more insecure front-end Javascript integrations.

Drag & Drop Arrangement

Putting your data in the order you need is now super simple with our drag and drop interface. Plus it makes merging multiple data sources a breeze.

No Server Required

We'll securely host the data for you so there is no need for a server. Of course if you prefer hosting the data for CORS control you can export the JSON file for storage on your own server or S3 bucket.

Merge Multiple Data Sources

Need to work with multiple data sources and APIs? No problem. Simply merge them and output in one merged JSON file.

No Back-end Required

Using Mashed means there is no need to disturb your Back-end Developers. Front-end Developers and Product Managers have more control and less workflow bottlenecks.

Do you want a faster data integration workflow?

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